Two events in Beijing you shouldn’t have missed

It was so nice to attend the inauguration of Brand Business School, an initiative by CCTV, at wonderful venue Laffitte Castel near Beijing last week: it was great networking, great contents and everyone seemed genuinely excited by the promises of an academy dedicated to helping entrepreneurs build stronger brands in China and abroad. See my friend Prof. Huang Haifeng from HSBC Business School at Peking University, also a EDUI volunteer, giving the opening speech on the picture below. Thank you Haifeng for the quality time.

2014-09-17 19.06.37

Later in the same week, the Green Commission of the French Junior Economic Chamber JCEF in Beijing, did organize a super friendly barcamp on sustainability issues and solutions for Chinese Cities at Enoterra in Sanlitun. If the timing was perfect (right after the ShenYang China Europa forum on Eco Cities and Smart Cities where Daniel Kaufman from Verteego gave a presentation), so was the crowd and the topics discussed. Many thanks to all the team: Ancia Drocourt, France Bacchus, Théo Flavenot, Benjamin, Dongna Bi, and all those I don’t know yet but who do a great job at gathering brilliant people to discuss exciting issues.

JCEF barcamp on sustainable cities at Enoteca