Australia & New Zealand to deal directly with corporate headquarters

Because SaaS, or put it that way “the online subscription model”, doesn’t require too many intermediaries, Verteego has decided to deal directly (it used to be indirectly) with potential customers and partners in Australia & New Zealand.

Generally speaking, the partners Verteego is looking at are not mere distributors but people who will share Verteego’s mission to enable organizations to deploy environmental performance goals & strategies and can add sound customer value, in other words implementation partners, with:
– either carbon & energy management know-how and the ability to “make a difference” when it comes to engaging CxOs and help them come up with climate change strategies for their organizations;
– or system integration expertise, be it on the supply side (data collection from ERPs, MRPs,…) or the demand side (business intelligence), or both…

I would like to take the opportunity to thank, on behalf of Verteego, Andrew Wiltshire of VerteegoANZ for his contribution to evangelizing carbon management software in Australia & New Zealand, particularly in the Sidney area, and invite all the potential partners whom with a discussion was engaged to resume talks with Verteego’s corporate headquarters in Paris, France. A special email address was created just for you: anz (at) verteego (dot) com.

Last, a managing your GHG emissions with Verteego” webinar was just scheduled for Australia & New Zealand potential customers and partners on October 6th 2010, 6 pm in Sidney. To register for this webinar, please use the same email address: anz (at) verteego (dot) com.

We hope to see you there.