REACH Garden customers can now add attributes to articles

Some of you customers have recently asked for this new feature, so I’m happy to introduce today the “add an attribute” button.

On top of existing article categories & purchasing families, REACH Garden users may now give each article one or several attributes to better make REACH Garden data fit with the reality of their organization.

A customer in the consumer packaged goods industry who manages, say, 9 brands can create a ‘brand’ attribute type, and 9 brand attributes; and cross those with another ‘site’ attribute type to make sure its 18 industrial sites can access their information rapidly.

Another customer in the aerospace business may integrate its several ‘industrial programmes’ as well as, for instance, a year of fabrication or ‘vintage’.

Customers are not limited by the number of attributes, and the number of relationships they may create for a simpler, more natural, more effective management of their article data on REACH Garden, the online SVHC traceability platform.

Of course, this new capability has nothing to do with a revolution, as they say, and has definitely not cost hundreds of man.days. Nevertheless, REACH Garden will be even more comfortable to work with, starting from today, thanks to this addendum. And we’d like to thank you for your business and expressing your need. And by thank you, we really mean thank you.