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More than a technology or a product, artificial intelligence is a movement that will radically transform today's society to be at the heart of tomorrow's society. We feel lucky to be able to contribute actively to this change.

At Verteego, we promote values ​​centered on humans, curiosity and the passion for technology.

In a constant thrive for excellence, we seek to design solutions that make our customers more innovative and more productive, solutions that shake their uses up and provide a real competitive advantage, but also, and above all, solutions that respect people and the environment in which it evolves, solutions that contribute to a more sustainable society.

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Our manifest

The 3 linchpins that motivate our actions


Artificial intelligence is made to become commonplace. As a result, it will be widespread across all the channels, devices and services we use and will radically transform all industries.


Artificial intelligence must be made accessible to everyone and integrate without "pain" or transition in our daily lives. It must be designed with humans for humans in a responsible way.


We live in a world where good management of resources, the improvement of living conditions, as well as of social and societal benefits, and the respect of the environment must be the pillars of every sustainable company. The technologies we develop are fully in line with this vision.

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