An interview of Cynthia Wentworth & John Holtzclaw on eco-transportation

Thanks to Thomas Blard, the founder of, I’ve been for about a month now the interviewer in a series of podcasts dedicated to putting green best practices in the spotlight in corporate circles. You may find all related podcasts of the weekly program Gérants Verts by clicking on the link. Most of them are in French but one.

So far, all occurrences of the online TV program had happened in French. This is not true anymore. 

I had the pleasure and the honor to have a nice fireside chat with two brilliant minds and prominent environmental thinkers: Cynthia Wentworth & John Holtzclaw. Both are long term members of the transportation commission of the Sierra Cluba US-based think-tank created in 1892 (!) dedicated to empowering positive change for the Planet.

Cynthia, an environmental economist who had worked for the US Federal Government for many years in Alaska, and  John, a physicist by design who later became an urban sociologist as well, describe themselves as ecological activists. But they’re definitely not the usual activists you can think about: my point is that they’re researchers above all. 

Their understanding of transportation issues is extremely deep. And what I find even more compelling is their transatlantic analysis of ecological policies: Cynthia is found of Jean-Louis Borloo’s bonus malus, while John thinks Velib could be positively implemented, say, in San Francisco (although steep slopes would have quite an effect on one’s thighs…). 

Cynthia Wentworth & John Holtzclaw are movers & shakers, and probably above all enablers. They’ve enabled me, at least, to come accross and ask myself the right questions on truly crucial issues for our Planet. I hope you’ll enjoy the interview and much as I enjoyed interviewing Cynthia and John.