About CSR, good will, commitments and…pixels!

It’s always nice to meet companies that commit to sustainable goals. I had the opportunity – and the pleasure! – to do that and have some fun in the same time during the launching of the Digital Industry Network from Paris area.

Supported by the Chamber of Commerce, this network has chosen sustainable development values as guiding lines for its future evolution. All member companies have a strong will to reduce their impact on the environment, favour local development and integrate social responsibility into their practices. And I can only congratulate them for this beautiful initiative meant to set an example.

The fun part of this event was that, at the end, all the guests were invited to participate to a « collective work of art ». Basically, everyone was given a coloured square in order to represent … a pixel on a picture!

Why a pixel? This symbol was chosen first because it is very representative for the digital image industry and second because it shows a real connection between the participants, all network members, united into creativity.

I wish them all green ideas to better the world we live in!